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Oh Yay! – Kids Vinyl Flooring


What I would give to happily cover my sons bedroom in the cars version of Tarkett vinyl flooring.  Every few days I am on my knees clearing one car set, and building another, or putting that away to pull out the train set so Master Four can play again with something that he’s not bored of – and all of it is extremely painful to stand on in the middle of the night.  It’s available from Tarkett but I can’t find this particular vinyl pattern anywhere down-under, otherwise most flooring retailers sell Tarkett, so perhaps they could order it. 

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Did you ever end up finding any ?


Hi, no not down under, it would be a special order from Tarkett in the USA or elsewhere there are stores, and they may not send overseas….always seems to be the way!


Lol, I have had this flooring in my room when I was a child. However, that’s over 15 years ago! So I do not expect that this pattern is still on sale. (btw, I’m from The Netherlands)

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