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Wallpaper Alternative – Great DIY

Over here I saw this great idea and thought I would share it with you all.  If you rent or just can’t commit to a wallpaper for a long period of time, then how about picking your favourite fabric and using that to change your walls.  You can read their instructions or use mine below.  It works a treat and I’ve done it in a few rentals.  

You’ll need:

Measuring tape
Thumb Tacks
Fabric starch or Low-tack Fabric Adhesive
Stanley Knife and sharp blades
Roller or your kids ruler

1.  Select either an upholstery weight or cotton fabric and measure your walls making sure you allow an extra inch all round.  

2.  Begin by spraying a small wall area (like a wallpaper panel width, and spray down about 1/2 metre) with your starch or spray adhesive – yes the low tack fabric spray adhesive you can get at craft or fabric stores. Or you can do it by spraying the back of your fabric.  

3.  Place the fabric on, beginning at the top and smoothing out any bumps with a paint roller or even a ruler.  You can use push pins (thumb tacks) at the top to secure, while you continue down the wall with the adhesive, the fabric and the smoothing.  Remove the push pins once that panel is complete and use your finger nail to gently scratch across where the pin was to remove the tiny pin hole if there is one.  

4. Trim the edges with a box cutter/utility knife (stanley knife) carefully around the edge of your wall, so it leaves a sharp definite edge.  Make sure it’s a sharp blade and don’t push too hard.  Try only a 15cm length first before running your knife all the way along a  wall and making a mess of it.  

That’s it really.  When you get bored it’s just a matter of starting at a corner and SLOWLY peeling away, or if you find the starch isn’t letting the fabric come away, moisten the fabric with a sponge a bit before pulling and it should come off well.  Oh yes, don’t forget to cover the edges of the wall so the spray doesn’t get onto the other walls.  (tape up a sheet or newspaper).



I would love to do this however, is dry wall required? I live in an old apartment building and it has concrete walls, they’re smooth but i’ll admit a few rough places here and there.


Concrete is quite porous so doesn’t always work. What happens is an air bubble can sit around the rough area and look larger. I would try a small piece of fabric over your roughest part of the wall first for a trial run…if that looks ok to you, then go for it with fabric you love! Jen at Bohaute.

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