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Floral Nesting Bowls

These are the prettiest nesting bowls for a party don’t you think!  They are melamine and come in two colours, Yellow and Pink and each measures at: 4.8″W x 3 1/4″H – 6.8″W x 4″H – 8.75W x 4 1/2″H and 10.9”W x 5″H.   They cost US$32 or NZ$55 for the set of four.

Unfortunately they don’t ship these outside the US, so you’ll have to have them shipped to a friend then posted on.  On the upside, the manufacturer donates 5% of the suggested retail price to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Spoonsisters.com donates 10% of the retail sale of this product to breast cancer charities.  Wouldn’t it be the perfect spread at a little girls party.  

via [Apartment Therapy]