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Glass Tiles That Change Color

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If you think you’ve chosen the tiles for the kitchen or bathroom, think again!  Moving Color is the company behind these temperature sensitive tiles.  The base colour can match almost any colour you desire;  they change colour based on body or water temperature or whatever they are touching!   The temperature change point can be requested by you, so the dynamic colour change begins at the selected temperature and changes over three phases, each one is a 6 – 10° rise in temperature. Once the temperature peak is passed, the base colour returns and remains the same until the temperature drops.

The tiles can be used on floors, walls and counters and they are a green product, because they use glass that is 20 – 80% recycled. Also they come in eleven different glass textures.  How much you ask?….about US$15 for a tile 4 x 4 inches, so US$180 a square foot and they also do larger 18 x 18 inch tiles.  Nice and expensive way to make sure the shower isn’t too hot for the kids!