The All Natural Swimming Pool

Natural-pool-2 natural-pool-3 Natural_pool-1

My sister emailed the image of this pool and I had to share it with y’all.  First, even having a back yard like that would be awesome..secondly, being able to afford the pool…even better!

More and more we are wanting an eco friendly approach to our living environment, and this pool is just the thing if you want something natural.  This Biotop pool in Chadd’s Ford, PA in the USA has separate water gardens, and nutrient friendly plants keeping the pool clean and chemical free.   These pools are self-cleaning mini environments that rely on plants from their “regeneration zones,” or water gardens/ponds, to filter impurities and excess nutrients back into the swimming area.   Skimmers and pumps circulate the water through the zones, and apparently you get all this for not much more than a regular swimming pool.  For more information on the pool above, click here. Can’t say I like the idea of frogs and dragonflies close by while I try to relax in the pool!