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Laptop Skins by Schtickers

skin_blossom_red skin-Botticelli_The_Birth_of_Venus Skin-Hokusai_the_great_wave skin_bird_on_a_wire

Now, I myself love my laptop just as it is, but if anyone out there doesn’t, then this site has a great selection of laptop skins that are cool.  Should I ever tire of seeing the lovely apple, my fave is definitely Hokusai (the waves).  Just select if you own a mac or pc, what size or model and they start at only US$19 (NZ$25) and shipping overseas is only NZ$10.  You can also custom design with your own image or they cut and custom fit from the large range available.  If these don’t light up your life, they also do mobile phone skins and wall schtickers.   Go take a quick look at the Schtickers website for some inspiration.