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The Lo Res – United Nude

LoRes-Grey LoRes-Burgundy LoRes-Blue LoRes-Black

Why do I like this shoe…all those facets, it’s a bit like jewellery; and for sure, people will notice these babies on your feet.  Also they look waterproof, which is great in rainy Auckland.  United Nude is a ‘brand at the intersection between design and fashion’, making for some crazy looking footwear – go take a look here.  If you desire any of these fantastic pieces of art, they ship down-under for NZ$45…and the heels above (called Lo Res) are NZ$335.00.  Otherwise, here is the link to stockists in Auckland, Christchurch, Palmerston North, Taupo, Timaru and Warkworth.   Oo, might have to call and see if they stock these, but probably are ridiculously priced here.