Tetra Coffee Table


Glass is everywhere in my house.  I love it because it gives the illusion of space.  Cleaning it hasn’t been as bad as I thought, even with two kids.  The vinegar and water mix just sits in the cupboard under the bench with a cloth ready to go.  Though my sisters have said they wouldn’t do it after watching me shine mine after nearly every meal!  Each to their own…

After spying this coffee table, I want to replace ours; it’s not going to happen though as they are not available down-under, so just may have to dream about owning it.  The best thing about the Tetra by Della Robbia is the groovy colourful seating that comes with it.  When we all need to cram around and draw, glue and make cut-outs this would be perfect.  Also Miss 9mths old could walk around the ottoman rather that the table and not sweep everything off the table.  If you live in the US, you’re in luck, click here to find a store or stockist near you.



I love this! i just recently decided i needed a coffee table with hassocks or stools under it. Do u know where i can find this? the link seems to be broken. Thank u


Dear all, I had my Tetra coffe table for 1 year and exacts 11 months. Today, it has just broken from end to end. No explanation. Hope I can contact Della Robbia and check what can be done.

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