Carbon Fibre City Bike – Momo Design


Auckland has hills, many many hills, and after coughing up a lung riding up a hill to get Master 6 from school (his scooter in the front basket) with Miss 1 on the back and drinks all round, I was exhausted. I have a slightly rusty ladies bike from Giant, which is great on the flat, but oh so heavy on the hills.

So I decided I wanted the lightest bike possible for the school run, and went searching. Unfortunately, Mr Bohaute had to burst my bubble and give me a price guide on carbon fibre, which means it’s never going to happen…..but oh my, why haven’t they put this bike into production.

The Momo Design City Bike is gorgeous – made of titanium and carbon, the City Bike features a belt-driven Nexus 8 speed drivetrain, and received a silver designation in the Eurobike Awards 2007. ┬áNo price, but we know it would be ridiculous. Bummer… I think city bikes should be the lightest, and nice and cheap, considering we are hauling around so much gear.