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Rainbow Cake

In a few weeks it’s Master neary 6’s birthday and I have been thinking about a rainbow cake.  They look cool, and kids seem to get a kick out of seeing the inside when it comes time to ‘cut the cake’.  These pics I used from Omnomicon because they rule!


Make your own plain cake mixture (not chocolate – or just leave out the cocoa in a choc cake recipe)

Then split up the mixture evenly into cups, for as many colours as you have.  The better and healthier gel colours, get here or here, though a generous amount of food colouring works well too.  (And if you don’t like the food colouring, then this cake’s not for you.)  Mix colour in well.

With your cake tin ready and greased, pour the mixture from one cup straight into the middle on the cake pan (don’t smear it around or flatten it out.

Continue pouring the contents of each cup on top of each colour.

Now bake it – at whatever your cake recipe says to.

Once done, ice how you like, though all over icing works best so the kids don’t know how cool the cake is!

If you prefer cupcakes, do the same into the cup-cake pan.  Otherwise, below are a couple of other places for recipes:





Hi – I made a cake like this for my daughter’s birthday and it turned out so well and was really fun to make. I have pictures of it on my blog. If you read you’ll see I was so proud of myself!


This looks awesome! Did you just pour all 6 colours into one pan? or two like in the pictures?


Hi Sarah, I used one pan and poured them all in. I did another just a few days ago and without the banana, it was sooo amazingly bright. The six year-old girl was so stoked!

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