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Ribbon Jars – DIY School Holiday Project

It’s school holiday’s at present and so I needed something to do with girls, while the boys are off at the skate park.  I love this idea from The Long Thread of decorating jars with colourful ribbons, grosgrain and even ric rac.   They could store all sorts, from plants, to pencils, to hair accessories….the list goes on.   Here are my instructions below as there is no sewing required in my version….will let you know how it turns out.

1.  Collect some jars from friends or your cupboard, making sure they are not tapered

2.  Lay out all your ribbons, a glue gun or PVA glue, scissors

3.  Measure your ribbon around the jar and allow an extra 1.5cm for overlap.  You could cut it on the diagonal or even a ‘v’ cut like the end of the ribbon.

4.  Squeeze glue onto the back of the ribbon then begin at the top of your jar and slowly press it all the way round.  Continue with different ribbon until you reach the bottom.  If you have a small area at the bottom of the jar, find a narrower piece or simply fold it under and iron it flat so it lays flat and fits the space.

Now fill with anything you like!  A few in a row on a dresser would look beautiful.