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Reptile Print Jean – Sass and Bide

While on our trip with Master 6 and 3/4 to Te Papa Museum in Wellington this easter, he saw a huge snake skin up on the wall. After yelling at me to come over and take a closer look and discussing where it might have come from, he suddenly said – ‘Just like your shoes Mum’……oh my god – it was busy and people were standing next to us looking down at my shoes with all these judgey eyes (cue flushed face)!  I had to laugh through my embarrassment and tell people they were fake – because they are! But still…..the looks lingered.  Mr Bohaute and I had a good laugh afterward though.

Anyway, while my shoes are not real snakeskin (the jeans are not either thank goodness), but they sure look gorgeous.  The Longest Night – Zippora Jean by Sass and Bide teamed with a simple black singlet and black heels, really need to find their way into my wardrobe.  You can buy them for AU$250 right here.