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Taking Your Tot Trekking



Now Miss 3 comes with us on walks, it gets a little tricky when she’s over it and we still have a couple of km’s to walk.  Although we have a child carrier, it really isn’t comfortable and is very heavy.  So after a look around, these are two new products I am going to purchase.  They are for older kids, from 2-5 yrs old.

The Vaude Koala is a great and simple idea just for that bit of extra support at the end of a bush walk.  It’s a simple step into system and easily adjusts.   It’s about US40 and you can find it here, or here if you are in Europe/UK.

The other is the Piggy Back Rider, which also looks like a fantastic idea while they still have enough energy in those little legs and want to still feel part of the action with all the nephews and nieces we walk with.  It costs NZ$119 including delivery right here.