Where Have I Been You Ask?

Where Have I Been?

It has been almost two years since I dropped off the ether and stopped posting regularly on my blog.  Why?  Well, it all came down to my daughter, who as you know, is anaphylactic to dairy and egg – but also there was something else…and we couldn’t figure it out.  She was getting more and more fatigued and sick and her skin was suffering from terrible eczema.

So after specialists and more specialists I had to really take a step back from other daily projects and try to get to the bottom of her sickness.  It took up until November 2013.  Until then, I was becoming more and more anxious and stressed that my daughter was so ill and no-one seemed to know what was wrong.  After seeing many doctors and specialists – who put it down to her food allergy traces from  dairy and egg, we went to another naturopath…(I wasn’t convinced that was the only thing going on).  He recommended she have a blood test, and that it was sent to America to test for 96 food groups, 26 herbs and spices and 16 vegetarian items.  This came back and showed us what we knew – terribly high reactions to dairy and egg, BUT – also high allergy to wheat.

So after trying to remove another food group I now required help from a dietician as I was running out of ideas about what I could feed her!  She also had another blood test done for Coeliac Disease, and WHADDYA YA KNOW….she was high and confirmed Coeliac after a biopsy of her intestine too.  That was last November.  After that we changed all her diet, my husband and I cook all her bread and cakes and my lovely daughters eyes are clear….she doesn’t fall sleep anywhere we sit her down….her over production of candida has balanced….and best of all….HER ECZEMA IS ALL GONE.  She is healthy, thriving and started school this April which she could not have managed this time last year.  So that’s why I had to go away for a bit – and now I hope to be back and spread the joy of of what’s out there that we love to look at, and sometimes even get lucky enough to buy! So lets go…